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Soi 38 ★★★

38 Mcilwraith Place Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Soi 38 is a unique little thai eatery hidden inside Bourke Street's Wilson car park. The restaurant looks very authentic as you walk in, with its aluminium tables, low stools and even a fully stocked food cart! This bright and busy place serves up some of the most popular street foods at affordable prices. Flavours are strong and vibrant, need to come back at lunch to try their famous boat noodles! Thai Milk Tea $4 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! One of the best Thai Milk Teas I've had! Rich and creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness! ★★★★ Grilled Pork Neck $13 Loved the spicy dressing on the pork neck, but the meat itself was a bit too fatty for my likes ★★☆ Kao Tom Goong $10 Rice in Soup with Prawns, Spring Onion, Coriander, Fried Garlic, Preserved Cabbage, Chinese Celery, Mushroom and Pepper  A simple and comforting dish. Light flavours but work really well together ★★★ Deep Fried Pork Belly $13

Gelatissimo ★★★

197 Lygon Street Carlton VIC 3053 Australia Gelatissimo is one of the many ice cream parlours along Lygon Street. We came here because there was less of a queue. Generous scoops of ice cream and flavours were different. Not as good as some other places in Carlton. Probably wouldn't be back. Blood Orange, Endless Summer $6.90 Blood Orange was refreshing  but loved the creamy coconut and white chocolate flavours of Endless Summer. Discovered a giant chunk of white chocolate at the bottom. Would've preferred ice cream ★★☆ Endless Summer, Cookies and Cream $6.90 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Cookies and cream was good. Scoops were generous in size ★★★ Gelatissimo Most Popular/Recommended : Endless Summer Price : $ Address : 197 Lygon Street Carlton VIC 3053 Australia Opening Hours : Sunday to Thursday: 11am to 12am Friday to Saturday: 12am to 12pm Website : Social :

Bistro Morgan ★★★☆

190 High Street Windsor VIC 3181 Australia Bistro Morgan is a cute little doughnut shop that really adds a pop of colour to the street. They serve up a great selection of doughnuts as well limited edition options. Perfect for take away and great for sharing! Pack of 6 $30 (left to right, top to bottom) Mr Simpson, All About That Milo, Twix Me Baby One More Time The New Yorker, Netflix and Chill, Gaytime Crunch Only downside is that there's just too many options to choose from!! Love the filled doughnuts and the assortment of toppings that come with it. The doughnut wasn't as fluffy as I usually prefer, but its still great for a sweet treat or as some take away dessert! ★★★☆ Bistro Morgan Most Popular/Recommended : Gaytime Crunch Price : $$ Address : 190 High Street Windsor VIC 3181 Australia Opening Hours : Monday: CLOSED Tuesday to Thursday, Sunday: 10am - 5pm Friday to Saturday: 10am - 9pm Website : https://bistromorg

A25 Pizzeria - South Yarra ★★★★

720 Chapel Street South Yarra VIC 3141 Australia A25 pizzeria is a fantastic place when you're in the mood for some Italian. They have an extensive selection of pizzas as well as vegan and gluten free options. Pastas were generously sized and delicious. Would recommend trying out! A25 Italian Lager on tap (285mL) $8.50 Martini Classico $14 with Organic Lurisia Gin, Martini Bianco, Rose Vino and Orange Bitter Refreshing beer and strong gin to go with our meal ★★★ Radicchio $13 Radicchio Leaves, Beetroot, Goats Cheese, Pistachio, Raisins, Balsamic Truffle Honey A delicious and refreshing salad! Love the slight bitterness of the radicchio with the sweetness of the raisins ★★★ Fettuccine Al Nero $25 Squid Ink Fettuccine, Chilli Prawns, White Wine, N'duya Pippies, Cherry Tomato, Sauteed Zucchini, Zia's Fermented Chilli, GArlic, EV Olive Oil, Parsley and Calamari A light yet tasty pasta with perfectly cooked seafood! ★★★☆ A25 $25 Basil and Wa

Mc Dumplings ★★★★

106 Hopkins Street Footscray VIC 3011 Australia Mc Dumplings is a simple eatery bringing a combination of dumplings and various Chinese dishes to Footscray. Their dumplings are a must try as are their delicious sichuan style dishes. Food here is affordable and generously sized. Would recommend! Soymilk $2 Delicious soymilk with just the right amount of sweetness. Awesome value for $2 ★★★★ Plum Juice $2 A pleasantly sweet drink great to go with all the spicy dishes ★★★ Panfried Vegetarian Dumplings (12 pcs) $10 Love the vibrant green colour and the crispy base of these dumplings! ★★★ Steamed Chicken with Chilli Sauce $6 A very generous serving for $6. Decent flavour ★★★ Boiled Pork and Chinese Cabbage Dumplings (15 pcs) $9.50 MOST POPULAR! The best dumplings of the day! Perfectly wrapped with a burst of flavour as you bite in. Very juicy and delicious! ★★★★ Fish Fillet in Hot Chilli Soup $18.50 Such an affordable price for this m

Golden Fleece Hotel ★★★

120 Montague Street South Melbourne VIC 3205 Australia The Golden Fleece is a great pub to chill out and grab a bite to eat. Plenty of seating both inside and out. Food was good but the mains were a bit overpriced. Entrees were great! Eggplant Chips $12 MOST POPULAR! Massive serve! Great to just snack on but the salsa that come with it was hard to dip with. More like you just had to scoop it out ★★★ Smoked Salmon Croquettes $12 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Loved these! Crispy outside filled with a creamy salmon filling ★★★☆ Salmon Fillet $29 with Tomato and Leek Risotto, Red Cabbage, Bok Choy and a Dill Butter Sauce Salmon was cooked well but the skin part was way too salty. Risotto was average. Pricey for what you get Eye Fillet $35 with Sassy Potatoes, Confit Tomatoes, Zucchini, Mushroom sauce and Red Current Jus Very pricey for what you get. Got the Eye Fillet medium rare and it had good flavour. The potatoes were delicious! ★★☆ Golden Fleece Hotel