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Peko Peko ★★★☆

190 Wells Street South Melbourne VIC 3205 Australia Peko Peko is a great place if you want to try out some typical Taiwanese cuisine. Their fried chicken is a must order as well as the taiwanese sausage. Plenty of seating available but does get busy during meal times. Would recommend! Iced Green Tea Latte $7 Decent matcha style drink, but not worth the price ★★ Iced Honey Tea $7 Very pricey for such a small sized drink but very pleasant. Good amount of sweetness! ★★★☆ Wasabi Mayo Prawn $12 The prawn itself was perfectly light and crispy. Went beautifully with the wasabi mayo ★★★★ Peko Sausage $10 Very pricey for some sausage, but does go well with the other dishes. Very tasty! ★★★☆ Taiwan Style Dry Noodle $14 The meat sauce had a good kick of spiciness to it. Good flavours ★★★☆ Pop Chicken $17 MOST POPULAR! Love this dish! So light and crispy yet full of flavour. Doesn't even need the side sauce ★★★★ Ma Ma Custard Fried C

Sarawak Kitchen ★★★★

469 Elizabeth Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Sarawok Kitchen is a casual eatery serving up some delicious Chinese/Malaysian cuisine. Plenty of seating upstairs and down as well as an extensive menu to choose from. Food is satisfying and affordably priced. Would definitely recommend! Kopi Special $4 Coffee with a shot of condensed milk. Deliciously sweet and refreshing! ★★★★ Soya Bean and Grass Jelly $4.50 Plain flavoured with a hint of sweetness. Would've been better if it was a bit sweeter ★★ Crispy Chicken $5.50 Crispy and delicious! A perfect side dish! ★★★☆ Claypot Short Rice Noodle $11.50 Short Rice Noodle served with Minced Pork and Egg HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Love the short rice noodles! So much flavour and very addictive ★★★★ Sarawak Laksa $11.90 Rice Vermicelli served with Egg, Fish Cake, Chicken Prawn and Bean Sprout in Laksa Soup The laksa was a bit too salty and too heavy on flavours. ★★☆ Pan Mian $10.5 Homemad