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No. 19 ★★★★

214 Union Road Ascot Vale VIC 3032 Australia No. 19 is a beautiful cafe that is simple and welcoming. They serve up all the usual suspects of brunch dishes but with an interesting Asian twist. Would recommend!  Cappuccino $4 Deliciously creamy coffee! ★★★★ Oreo Thickshake $8.50 Super overpriced but was pleasant ★★ Benedict with Bulgogi Beef, Mushroom, Spinach, Hollandaise, Parmesan Crisp and Scrambled Eggs $20 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The bulgogi was nice and tender. Went well with the eggs and hollandaise. Generous amount of eggs too! ★★★★ ABreakfast Carbonara with Pappardelle, Pancetta, Fried Egg, Parmesan, Parsley, Black Garlic $19 A well done pasta dish but wasn't anything too special ★★★ Menu No. 19 Most Popular/Recommended : Benedict with Bulgogi Price : $$ Address : 214 Union Road Ascot Vale VIC 3032 Australia Opening Hours : Monday to Friday: 7am to 4pm Weekends: 8am to 4pm Social : https

Bowl Bowl Chinese Cuisine ★★★☆

88 Smith Street Collingwood VIC 3065 Australia Bowl Bowl is vibrant and cheerful restaurant located in Collingwood. Their menu serves up a range of innovative Sichuan cuisine that's perfect for sharing. The dumplings here are especially worth trying out! The Sichuan Signature (5pcs) $8.50 MOST POPULAR! Generously sized dumplings with an amazing garlic and chilli sauce. ★★★★ Salt and Pepper Tofu $8.50 Love the crispy coating and the super soft tofu inside ★★★ Zesty Noodle Salad $12.50 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Delicious noodles that were served chilled. Very refreshing and that vinegar and chili sauce was amazing ★★★★ Mapo Tofu $22 A generously sized dish that had tofu pieces with a thick chilli sauce. The sprinkle of almonds on top was an innovative addition to give it a crunch. Definitely a dish to have with some rice ★★★ Bowl Bowl Chinese Cuisine Most Popular/Recommended : Sichuan Signature Zesty Noodle Salad Price : $$$ Add

Abacus Bar & Kitchen ★★★★

383 Chapel Street South Yarra VIC 3141 Australia Abacus Bar & Kitchen in South Yarra is a beautiful and contemporary restaurant perfect for a special night out. Using mainly locally sourced ingredients, Abacus offers a variety of dishes and drinks to suit all tastes. Portion sizes are also reasonable. Davidson Plum Tea $23 Love the presentation with all the liquid nitrogen effects. Pleasant drink ★★★ Slow Sunrise Sour $20 Deliciously fruity ★★★★ Speck & Gruyere Croquette with Mildura Orange & Beetroot Pickle $5 MOST POPULAR! Perfectly crispy on the outside filled with a gooey delicious centre. Would recommend! ★★★★ Portobello Mushroom Fries with Chilli Jam and Malt Vinegar $12 A very unique way to create fries. Decent flavour but could be made a bit crispier ★★☆ Eden Char Grilled Prawns with Thai Spices, Cashew and Coriander $22 Generous sized prawns, but the smokey flavour was a bit too much for my liking ★★★ Chicken L

Matsuri ★★★☆

406 High Street Prahran VIC 3181 Australia Matsuri is a cute little Japanese eatery in Prahran. Lots of menu options to choose from. Decent dishes. Green Tea $4 and Edamame $6 Takoyaki $8 Decent takoyaki  ★★★ Salmon Salad $17 A bit overpriced for such minimal amounts of salmon. Average flavour ★★☆ Japanese Curry with Pork Katsu MOST POPULAR! Delicous curry with a generous amount of katsu. Katsu was perfectly crispy! ★★★☆ Yakiniku with Stir Fry Spicy Pork Belly $19.50 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Great flavour with just the right amount of spice! ★★★ Menu Matsuri Most Popular/Recommended : Pork Katsu Curry Yakiniku Price : $$ Address : 406 High Street Prahran VIC 3181 Australia Opening Hours : Monday: CLOSED Tuesday to Thursday: 5:30pm to 11pm Friday to Sunday: 12pm to 3:30pm, 5:30pm to 11pm Have these details changed? Submit an Update!

Pho Chu The ★★★

92 Hopkins Street Footscray VIC 3011 Australia Pho Chu The is one of the many vietnamese restaurants along Hopkins Street in Footscray. They are often busy during meal times, but table turn over is quick. Limited dining options, but pho is decent. Essential condiments for Pho Rare Beef Pho $12 Soup is very dark and strong in flavour. Meat was a bit too chewy for my tastes ★★☆ Special Beef Pho $13 Decent meaty taste but not very generous with the amount of meat. ★★☆ Menu Pho Chu The Price : $ Address : 92 Hopkins Street Footscray VIC 3011 Australia Opening Hours : Monday to Sunday: 9am to 8pm Have these details changed? Submit an Update!