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Coracle ★★★☆

62/65 Anderson Street Yarraville VIC 3013 Australia Coracle is a bright and airy cafe that's been a welcome addition to the Yarraville cafe scene. They specialise in breakfast/brunch options but with an asian twist. Great food and drinks. Would recommend! Iced Matcha $7 The prettiest matcha I've ever had! Great flavour too but a bit on the pricey end to be honest. ★★★☆ Matcha Latte $5 Love their matcha art! So unique and different. Great matcha flavour too! ★★★☆ Chilli Crab Scrambled Egg $19.50 Love how generous they were with the crab pieces! Egg was scrambled well ★★★☆ Baked Eggs with Taiwanese Sausage $17.80 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The taiwanese sausage is delicious! Perfectly matched with baked eggs! Would recommend ★★★★ Menu Coracle Most Popular/Recommended : Baked Eggs Matcha Price : $$ Address : 62/65 Anderson Street Yarraville VIC 3013 Australia Opening Hours : Monday to Thursday: 7am to 4pm F

Enter Neighbour ★★★☆

625 Camberwell Road Camberwell VIC 3124 Australia Enter Neighbour is a cosy and warm cafe along Camberwell Road. They have all the usual brunch options, but with a bit of a twist. Also lots of drink options to choose from! Mork 70% Cacao Drinking Chocolate $5 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Love the dark chocolate flavour. Creamy and not too sweet.★★★★ Prana Chai Latte Masala Blend $5 Decent chai ★★★ King Truffle $21 Swiss Brown + Baby King Oyster Mushrooms + Spinach cooked in White Truffle and Porcini Cream + Ewes Milk Cheese with Scrambled Egg  Love the truffle and porcini cream sauce, made every creamy and added to the mushroom flavour. ★★★☆ Benedict Cumberbatch $19 Pulled Lamb + Pumpkin Puree + Pickled Cabbage + Poached Eggs with Saffron Hollandaise and Sesame Seeds MOST POPULAR! The lamb was tender and went beautifully with the pickled cabbage. Didn't taste much saffron in the hollandaise. Good eggs  ★★★☆ Menu Enter N

Noi Lucky ★

1 St Johns Ave Springvale VIC 3171 Australia Noi Lucky is a little eatery that serves up a mix of Thai and Laos cuisine. They have an extensive menu and lots of options to order from. Food was average at best. The coconut rice was very disappointing.  Som Tum Pa $18 Pleasant papaya salad ★★★ Om $16 A light beef broth that lacked flavour ★★ Grilled Ox Tongue $16 Light on flavour. A few pieces were too hard to chew. ★★ Moo Krob $17 Fried pork that was very dry ★★ Menu Noi Lucky Most Popular/Recommended : nil Price : $$ Address : 1 St Johns Ave Springvale VIC 3171 Australia Opening Hours : Monday to Friday: 11am to 9pm Weekends: 11am to 11pm Social : Have these details changed? Submit an Update!

Phong Dinh Vietnamese Restaurant ★★★★

47-49 Alfrieda Street St Albans VIC 3021 Australia Phong Dinh is such a hidden gem in St Albans. Its located off the main street in an obscure part, but definitely worth finding. Love the noodle soups as well as the friendly service. Would recommend! Essentials for pho Sliced Rare Beef with Beef Balls (Pho Bo Tai va Bo Vien) $11 MOST POPULAR! Great beef broth with high quality meat slices that were nice and tender. Beef balls were great too! Would recommend! ★★★★ Essentials for Bun Rieu Vermicelli in Hai Phong Style Crab Meat Soup (Bun Rieu Cua Hai Phong) $11 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! First time trying a bun rieu in Hai Phong style and it was amazing. It was like regular bun rieu with an extra crab flavour explosion. Would definitely recommend trying out! ★★★★ Menu Phong Dinh Vietnamese Restaurant Most Popular/Recommended : Pho Bun Rieu Hai Phong Price : $ Address : 47-49 Alfrieda Street St Albans VIC 3021 Australi

Berth ★★★☆

45 Newquay Promenade Docklands VIC 3008 Australia Berth is restaurant on the Docklands Promenade that has a stunning view out over the water. Food and drinks are good, but the dining atmosphere is second to none. Would recommend Iced Latte $4 Refreshing and easy to drink ★★★ Iced Coffee $5 Although the glass was a bit on smaller side of iced coffees, I loved the generous scoop of ice cream. Made everything sweet and creamy ★★★☆ Wedges with Condiments $9 Generous amount of wedges perfect for sharing! ★★★ Chilli and Coconut Scrambled Eggs $16 with Coriander, Fetta, and Tomato Salsa on 7 Seeds Toast Generous amount of scrambled egg! Actually tasted really well with the coconut ★★★☆ Sauteed Mushroom $16 with Salsa Verde, Mushroom Puree and Crumbed Egg on Sourdough The crumbed egg was a nice addition to this dish. Went well with all the mushrooms ★★★☆ Menu Berth Price : $$ Address : 45 Newquay Promenade Docklands VIC 3008 Austra

Buza Chicken ★★★

3/365 Queens Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Buza chicken is known for their fried chicken. The joint is busy up to the late hours of the night, a popular place to hang out. Food is decent, but probably wouldn't come back. Pink Grapefruit Schooner $10 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A super pleasant beer! Fruity and easy to drink ★★★★ Complimentary Sides (no refills allowed) Beef and Mushroom Hotpot $30 Generous amount of meat, but not much mushrooms at all. Limited broth and lacking in flavour ★★ Snow Chicken (whole with bones) $36 MOST POPULAR! Nice and crispy chicken! Great with the vegetable and cheese powder! ★★★☆ Menu Buza Chicken Most Popular/Recommended : - Price : $$ Address : 3/365 Queens Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Opening Hours : Monday to Friday: 11am to 9pm Weekends: 11am to 11pm Website : Social : Facebook Page Instagram Account