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Now and Then Cafe ★★★★

204 High Street Kew VIC 3101 Australia Now and Then cafe is a beautiful and spacious cafe located on busy High Street. Their decor is simple and rustic, with plenty of seating options for groups of all sizes. Lots of menu options to choose from and all were delicious and satisfying. Would recommend! Mocha $4  Rich and chocolately, just the way it should be ★★★★ Matcha Latte $5 Creamy and smooth. Very pleasant ★★★☆ California Hash $20.90 House Made Hash Brown, Grilled Herbed Tomato, Mushrooms, Super Greens, Halloumi, Scrambled Eggs on Multigrain  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The hash was amazing! Super crispy outside and soft on the inside. Would recommend! ★★★★ Lobster Benedict $19.90 Olive Oil Poached Lobster served with Beetroot Hummus, Spiced Sweet Potato, Jalapenos Poached Eggs and Silky Hollandaise Lobster was juicy and easy to eat. Went well with the hollandaise and eggs. ★★★☆ Chilli Scramble $22.90 Spiced Scrambled Egg, Fresh Herbs, Cucumb

Saigon Pho Derrimut ★★★★

2/85 Mt Derrimut Road Deer Park VIC 3032 Australia Saigon Pho is a simple Vietnamese restaurant with plenty of seating and parking. Their menu is extensive and the dishes are delicious! Would recommend! Lychee Tea $5.50 and Lemongrass Peach Iced Lemon Tea $5 Both teas were very refreshing but a bit too sweet for my tastes. ★★★☆ Grilled Pork Skewer $9 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Love the flavours in this pork skewer! Just the right amount of sweetness and such tender meat! Would recommend! ★★★★ Grilled Beef Betel Leaf $9 Crispy and easy to eat! ★★★ Pipi with XO Sauce and Fried Bun $19.50 MOST POPULAR! Love the strong flavours in the xo sauce and the bun was super soft and fluffy. Perfect for mopping up any excess sauce! ★★★★ Spring $15.50 Stir Fried Diced Beef with Steamed Broccoli in Special House Sauce  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Super tender beef! Loved the special house sauce too ★★★★☆ Saigon Special Fried Rice $15 Delicou

@ The Catch Carnegie ★★★★

158 Koornang Road Carnegie VIC 3163 Australia @ The Catch Carnegie is a cosy family owned fish and chips shop that also serve a great selection of burgers and salads. They pride themselves in getting in the freshest ingredients and delivering them at a reasonable price. Super friendly service and delicious meals. Would definitely recommend Assortment of Grilled Seafood HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The prawns were my highlight! Sweet and juicy. The John Dory was excellent quality and delicious. ★★★★☆ Assortment of Fried Seafood HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The Barramundi was so fresh and flavourful. The calamari rings were super tender. ★★★★ Cowboy Burger $12 MOST POPULAR! Love the soft brioche bun and the deliciously juicy beef patty. Everything just went together so well. Very satisfying ★★★★ Menu @ The Catch Carnegie Most Popular/Recommended : Prawns John Dory Calamari Rings Cowboy Burger Price : $$ Address : 1

Ngon Vietnamese ★★★★

332 Highett Road Highett VIC 3190 Australia ★★★★★☆ Ngon is a vibrant and cheerful eatery in Highett. They serve up a range of traditional Vietnamese dishes as well as some with a modern twist. Would definitely recommend trying out! Beer 333 Iced Lychee Super sweet and refreshing! Lots of lychee flavour! ★★★ Betel Beef Skewer $12 Good flavours but one skewer just wasn't enough to share. ★★★ Crispy Scallop (5 pcs) $12 Perfectly crispy bite sized pieces! Delicious with the sauce! ★★★★ Soft Shell Crab Papaya Salad $24 Salad was crispy and tangy. Can't go wrong with soft shell crab ★★★☆ Pork Hock $33 Crispy Pork Hock with Tamarind Hot Sauce, Herbs and Lettuce Wrap Stunning presentation! Love the crispy and jerky style of pork. Delicious sauce to go with the pork too! ★★★★ Sai Gon Roasted Duck $28 Half a roasted duck with homemade chilli oil and gravy HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Ngon actually roast their own ducks and it really