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Meat the Greek Soulvaki Bar ★★☆

105A Victoria Street Seddon VIC 3011 Australia Meat the Greek is a cute little soulvaki bar located in Seddon. The eatery is clean and simple with comfy seating. Food is good but portions are on the smaller end. Probably wouldn't be back. Mixed Gyros Soulvaki Wrap with Chicken and Lamb $12 MOST POPULAR! Great pita bread and good combination of ingredients. The chips was an interesting addition to the wrap. Size was a bit small and on the pricier end for what you get ★★☆ Menu Meat the Greek Soulvaki Bar Most Popular/Recommended : Mixed Kebab Price : $$ Address : 105A Victoria Street Seddon VIC 3011 Australia Opening Hours : Tuesday to Thursday: 12 to 8pm Friday and Saturday: 12 to 9pm Sunday to Monday: CLOSED Website : Social : Have these details changed? Submit an Update!

Pho 128 ★

72 Watton Street Werribee VIC 3000 Australia Pho 128 is one of the few vietnamese restaurants in the Werribee area. The restaurant is clean and spacious but the food just isn't great. Wouldn't come back Essential condiments for pho Chilli Beef and Pork Vermicelli Noodle Soup $13 The broth was super dark and full of unknown herbs and spices. Flavour was overly strong. Did not taste like BBH. Wouldn't recommend ★ Combination Beef and Chicken Pho $13 Generous with the meats but the broth was very light and bland. Not much flavour at all. ★ Menu Pho 128 Price : $ Address : 72 Watton Street Werribee VIC 3000 Australia Opening Hours : Sunday to Wednesday: 11am to 9:30pm Thursday to Saturday: 11am to 10pm Social : Have these details changed? Submit an Update!

David's Hotpot ★★★

279 La Trobe Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia David's Hotpot is a popular chain restaurant in China and we decided try out the Melbourne one. The restaurant itself is very lavish and over the top with its decor and furnishings. Lots of hotpot ingredients to choose from as well as various soup bases and already cooked snack foods. Good to try out, but the medium spicy was too much for us. Also a bit on the pricey end too. We went in a group of 3 and the final bill worked out to be around $70pp Coconut drink $5 and their Memory drink $5.50 The coconut drink was creamy and sweet ★★★☆ The Memory drink was made up of an assortment of sugar jelly, raisins and peanuts. A bit of an odd combination but not unpleasant ★★☆ A variety of sauces to DIY My concoction of sesame, coriander and satay Spicy Beef  A pre-marinated spicy beef that was too much for us to handle. Couldn't even taste anything because my mouth was just burning. ★★ Our hotpo

Fresh Chilli - Sunshine ★★

304 Hampshire Road Sunshine VIC 3020 Australia Fresh Chilli is a popular deli in Sunshine that's known for their Vietnamese rolls. Their breads are really nice and crunchy, but the fillings were so minimal. Very disappointing Meatball Banh Mi $5.50 Nice sauce with the meatballs, but not much filling ★★ Shredded Chicken Banh Mi $5.50 The chicken was very nice and thinly shredded, but there wasn't much of it at all ★★☆ Fresh Chilli - Sunshine Price : $ Address : 304 Hampshire Road Sunshine VIC 3020 Australia Opening Hours : Every day: 5am to 6pm Website : Have these details changed? Submit an Update!

#Somali Eats ★★★

333 Racecourse Road Kensington VIC 3031 Australia #Somali eats is a bright and happy restaurant that serve up some authentic Somali cuisine. Lots of dishes to suit all tastes and they even add on a banana to your main meal. Good flavour and would recommend if you want to try something different Coconut Fish Muffo $16 Corn Bread served with Creamy Coconut Fish Sauce The fish sauce was very creamy and delicious. Perfect with the corn bread at the start, but the corn bread really hardens very quickly and becomes impossible to eat. So didn't get full after this one ★★★ The Platter $19 Rice with your choice of meat tossed with a selection of vegetables and salad with an assortment of sides and dessert  The lamb was so tender and flavoursome. Would definitely recommend! Other parts of the dish was a bit average. ★★★ Menu #Somali Eats Most Popular/Recommended : Lamb Price : $$ Address : 333 Racecourse Road Kensington VIC 3031 Austra