David's Hotpot ★★★

279 La Trobe Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

David's Hotpot is a popular chain restaurant in China and we decided try out the Melbourne one. The restaurant itself is very lavish and over the top with its decor and furnishings. Lots of hotpot ingredients to choose from as well as various soup bases and already cooked snack foods. Good to try out, but the medium spicy was too much for us. Also a bit on the pricey end too.

We went in a group of 3 and the final bill worked out to be around $70pp

Coconut drink $5 and their Memory drink $5.50
The coconut drink was creamy and sweet ★★★☆
The Memory drink was made up of an assortment of sugar jelly, raisins and peanuts. A bit of an odd combination but not unpleasant ★★☆

A variety of sauces to DIY

My concoction of sesame, coriander and satay

Spicy Beef 
A pre-marinated spicy beef that was too much for us to handle. Couldn't even taste anything because my mouth was just burning. ★★
Our hotpot set up with the Lamb and Beef Combo
We chose medium spicy but it was too much for us. The other base was the tomato soup which was much more pleasant. The meats were decent but a bit over priced.
Ox tongue

This one only needed to be cooked slightly and was very tender to eat ★★★★
Their Homemade Black Tofu 
This one tasted the same as regular tofu ★★★

Fried Glutenous Buns
Nice and crispy outside while still chewy inside. Great to eat! ★★★★
Dry Noodles (without Chilli)

Great flavour and easy to eat! ★★★★


David's Hotpot

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279 La Trobe Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 11:30am to 12am



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