Ngon Vietnamese ★★★★

332 Highett Road
Highett VIC 3190


Ngon is a vibrant and cheerful eatery in Highett. They serve up a range of traditional Vietnamese dishes as well as some with a modern twist. Would definitely recommend trying out!

Beer 333

Iced Lychee
Super sweet and refreshing! Lots of lychee flavour! ★★★

Betel Beef Skewer $12
Good flavours but one skewer just wasn't enough to share. ★★★

Crispy Scallop (5 pcs) $12
Perfectly crispy bite sized pieces! Delicious with the sauce! ★★★★

Soft Shell Crab Papaya Salad $24
Salad was crispy and tangy. Can't go wrong with soft shell crab ★★★☆

Pork Hock $33
Crispy Pork Hock with Tamarind Hot Sauce, Herbs and Lettuce Wrap
Stunning presentation! Love the crispy and jerky style of pork. Delicious sauce to go with the pork too! ★★★★

Sai Gon Roasted Duck $28
Half a roasted duck with homemade chilli oil and gravy
Ngon actually roast their own ducks and it really comes through in the flavour. Delicous with their homemade sauces. ★★★★☆

Kailan Oyster Sauce $10
Always good to have some veggies on the side! ★★★☆

Lamb Shank Curry with Fried Bun $28

Generous amount of lamb in this curry! Thick and yummy sauce to go with the fried bun. Would recommend! ★★★★☆

Seafood and Japanese Tofu $27
Combination of Seafood, Japanese Tofu, Shiitake Mushroom, Ginger and Spring Onion
A comforting dish with clean and subtle flavours. Love the japanese silky tofu! ★★★★☆

Coffee Creme Caramel $7
Decent flavour ★★★

Fried Ice Cream $6
A childhood favourite done well. ★★★☆

Banana Fritter and Ice Cream $6
An oldie, but a goodie. Very satisfying ★★★☆


Ngon Vietnamese

Most Popular/Recommended:
Lamb Shank Curry
Sai Gon Roasted Duck
Seafood and Japanese Tofu


332 Highett Road
Highett VIC 3190

Opening Hours:
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday to Sunday: 12 midday to 10pm


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